Our Staff

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Achieve's office is located in Washington, D.C. Click on a staff member's name for biographical and contact information. For more on Achieve, go here or contact us
Program Associate, Science
Corporate Financial Controller

Anne Bowles
Associate Director,
Strategic Initiatives

Sandra Boyd
Chief Operating Officer

Donald Brown
Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Childress, Ph.D.
Director, Instructional Support for Science

Carmon Choice, CPA

Senior Accountant

Michael Cohen

Chad Colby
Strategic Communications & Outreach
Director, Mathematics
Vernitta Cooper
Executive Assistant, 
Strategic Communications & Outreach
Cory Curl
Senior Fellow for Assessment & Accountability
Teresa Eliopoulos
Program Associate,
Molly Ewing
Senior Program Associate,

Tom Flavell
Senior Associate, Online Communications

Jackie Gilkes
Executive Assistant, Content, Research & Development
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
Sr. Contracts Administrator, Finance and Operations

Crystal Hill
Director, Human Resources & Operations
Isabel Huston
Program Associate, Science
Executive Assistant, State Policy and Implementation Support
Associate Director,
State Policy & Implementation Support

John McGirk
Operations Manager
Associate Director, Assessment & Accountability
Marie O'Hara
Associate Director,
State Policy & Implementation Support

Alissa Peltzman
Vice President, State Policy & Implementation Support
Stephen L. Pruitt, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Content, Research & Development
Program Associate, Strategic Initiatives
Senior Policy Associate, State Policy & Implementation Support
Jeremy Thomas
State Policy & Implementation Support
Senior Policy Associate,
State Policy & Implementation Support
Communications Associate
Strategic Communications & Outreach
Executive Assistant to the President

Hans Voss
Policy Associate, State Policy & Implementation Support
T. Jason Weedon
Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations & Strategic Partnerships

Andre' Wesson
Senior Program Associate, Strategic Communications, Outreach & Development

Program Associate, Science