State, District, and Partner Organization Communications Examples

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Picture of a student with diploma.This page offers several examples of websites designed to educate the public on competency-based pathways. It offers resources from national partner organizations, states, and districts. 

- Competency Works Introductory Resources on Competency Education: Competency Works has been a leader in promoting competency-based pathways and their website offers resources that range from blog posts to introductory materials to in-depth examinations of key policy and practices issues. 

Maine Department of Education Center for Best Practices: The Maine Department of Education has developed the Center for Best Practices to disseminate resources that build the understanding of districts, schools, and others about promising approaches to proficiency-based education. 

- Adams 50 School District Competency-Based System Website: Adams 50 School District in Colorado has been a leader in the competency-based movement and has developed a website that helps parents and others understand the value and goal of a competency-based system. 

- Summit Public Schools District Website: This district has pioneered a small school model which focuses on competency and has seen strong results. On their website, they provide parents and others with an overview of their approach and results. 

- National Center for Learning Disabilities: Competency-Based Education Infographic