Common Core State Standards Comparison Briefs

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Cover of Comparing the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and NCTM’s Curriculum Focal Points

Through the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative, states and territories have collaborated in the development of a common core of standards in English language arts and mathematics for grades kindergarten through twelve that are now being adopted by states. Designed not only for the purpose of providing  strong, shared  expectations, the CCSS will also allow adopting states to collectively create and share high-quality tools such as assessments, curricula, instructional materials (such as textbooks and software), and professional development programs.

As educators and policymakers review the CCSS, they will want to consider the way these new standards compare to, and build on, existing standards. To that end, Achieve created Comparison Briefs in English Language Arts and, with support from the Brookhill Foundation, in mathematics that compare and contrast the final version of the CCSS to sets of standards with which state leaders are already familiar, such as those developed by well-regarded states, countries and national organizations, including:

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