Amreena Hussain

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Policy Associate

Amreena Hussain joined the Achieve staff in March 2015 and currently serves as Policy Associate for the Policy & Practice team. In this role, Amreena supports multiple initiatives including the annual 50-state report on states’ progress in adopting and implementing the college- and career-ready agenda. She also provides research and analysis support for state policy efforts in aligning standards, graduation requirements, assessments, data, and accountability systems with the demands of college and careers.

Prior to joining Achieve, Amreena served as the Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer at Baltimore City Schools where she managed the district’s Race to the Top and Title II programs, helped coordinate and author the annual Master Plan and supported other strategic initiatives in the Academics division. She also conducted state and federal policy research at Impaq International and the Pew Charitable Trusts. Amreena holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington, where she focused on psychometrics and research methods. She earned her master’s in Public Policy from the Johns Hopkins University.

Why are you passionate about education?

“As a new-ish immigrant, I am very proud that I live in a country where education is a fundamental right for everyone, and all the work here is about making our systems, however fraught, better. The conversations about why a public education system is needed, who it should be for, whether it warrants public investment, have already been had and won!

I started working in education through a combination of ‘by accident’ and ‘it’s complicated’. The short story is that graduate school brought me to Baltimore, and even though I was specializing in public health, one graduate class that took me into district schools made me realize that education was where it was for me!

I am most passionate about equity in educational opportunities. I saw too much, way too much inequity in Baltimore, where the most deserving kids get the shortest end of the stick. One day that has stayed with me was when on a school visit, I walked into a classroom with 7 students in attendance, 3 of whom didn’t know what class they were in, and the teacher was given a lesson on the water table. It was an 11th grade biology class, in 2013, in the age of the Common Core in Maryland. It was a time and place, where all the big signals were green, yet what we saw was a demonstration of everything that could be wrong – chronic absenteeism, disengaged students, completely off the mark course quality/content and zero rigor, and unfortunately, poor teaching.

I sought Achieve out because I wanted to work in an organization that was committed to holding the bar high for every student. An added plus is our drive to always tell the full story including footnotes and denominators.”


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