Assessment 101 for School Boards

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Local school board members are a key link between school districts and communities. They represent public concerns around testing and can hold district officials accountable. Given the critical role that local school boards play, Achieve and the National School Boards Association have developed “Assessment 101” resources for school board members. This professional development module is designed to:

  • outline the critical role school boards play in supporting high quality assessment systems;
  • introduce school board members to key assessment concepts and issues;
  • provide an introduction to the Student Assessment Inventory for School Districts as a process to streamline testing and support limited, high-quality assessments for all students.

The following resources are included in the Assessment 101 module:

A related article appeared in the October 2016 edition of American School Boards Journal

The assessment inventory is openly licensed under CC BY 4.0. As such, districts are free to use and modify. If modified, please attribute Achieve and re-title.