#ClassesCount: A New Campaign

Monday, February 6, 2017Printer-friendly version

Picture of High School Graduates.

#ClassesCount, a new social media campaign from Achieve, aims to encourage high school students to sign up for more challenging classes that will prepare them for life after graduation. We’re starting an online conversation with students, parents, school counselors and more – together, we can make sure students graduate from high school ready to take on what comes next. 

Graduation requirements in far too many states fall below what is necessary to be ready for college and career. That leaves it up to students and parents to choose classes that count.

This time of year, incoming and current high school students across the country are thinking about what classes they will sign up for next school year. The high school graduation rate in America is at an all-time high; however, many of these graduating students are not adequately prepared for life after graduation.

Research and surveys from Achieve show that too few high school graduates are prepared to succeed in postsecondary education, the military, and careers. As graduation rates continue to rise, how can we ensure that students are graduating college and career ready?

For more information and research around this topic, explore these resources.

Get involved and help spread the #ClassesCount message! Here’s how.

  • Start a conversation with the high school students in your life about why the classes they take in high school can prepare them for college and careers post-graduation.
  • Use #ClassesCount on social media and share your own message about why taking challenging high school classes is important.
  • Follow Achieve on Twitter at @AchieveInc to continue the conversation.
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