English and Communication Benchmarks - By Strand

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The ADP English and Communication Benchmarks, Grades 4 – 12 are organized into the following strands:

In grades 4 – 12, students are introduced to text with appropriate Text Complexity (T) and have three ways to Acquire Information (A)

A.1 Reading 
A.2 Listening 
A.3 Viewing

Whether they Work in Teams (W) or individually, students have three ways to Communicate Information (C)

C.1  Writing 
C.2  Speaking 
C.3  Producing Digital Media

For future success in postsecondary education and work, students in grades 4–5 will need to Create ADP Products (P)

P.1 Informational/Explanatory Essay 
P.2 Literary Analysis Essay 
P.3 Argumentative Essay 
P.4 Research Essay 
P.5 Work-Related Texts


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