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This response clearly introduces a topic in a manner that is compelling and follows logically from the task and purpose. The response demonstrates general analysis of the texts. The topic is developed with the sustained use of relevant, well-chosen facts from the texts that are varied. Clear organization is exhibited by the skillful use of appropriate and varied transitions (i.e., Overall, also, another). A formal style is established and maintained through the use of grade-appropriate and domain specific vocabulary (i.e., refugee, challenge, sponsor, hardship, adapted). The concluding statement follows clearly from the topic and information presented (i.e., All refugees go through the same things at one point in their lives. They all face the same challenges, challenges fleeing their homes, finding a new home in their new and different country).


Standard referenced:

W.8.2: Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas, concepts, and information through the selection, organization, and analysis of relevant content.

1. CCSS Alignment

The student is able to cite strong text evidence that supports the analysis of several different texts and genres. For example:

  • “First off, in the novel Inside Out and Back Again it states, ‘We are told to sip water only when we must.’ (Lai 73).”
  • "In the article ‘Refugees: Who, Where, Why’ it states, ‘During the 1980's, civil war erupted in Central America, causing more than two million people to flee their homes’ (‘Refugees’ 1).”
  • "’Sponsors refer those who's application say Christian Mother amends faith’ (Lai 108).” (See next page).


Standards referenced:

RL.8.1/RI.8.1: Cite the textual evidence that most strongly supports an analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.