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Language Challenges

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Because this is a special education student, when the work is compared to task 1, it appears that number size is obscuring the student’s ability to demonstrate proficiency in explicit and recursive equations. There is evidence of this by the erased notations and revisions in the linear table, and the erased explicit equation for the exponential function.

1. Understanding

There is a mathematical language issue with notation for dollars and percent. The percent sign seems to be used as a unit. the same way the dollar sign is used as a unit.

2. CCSS Alignment

The table gives evidence that the student understands the meaning of the parameter in the context.


Standard referenced:

HSF-LE.B.5: Interpret the parameters in a linear or exponential function in terms of a context.   

3. Comprehension & Application

SMP.7: Look for and make use of structure.


As is evident from the number of erasures and revisions in the student work, the student seems to be working back and forth between the tables and the equations, trying to make the structure revealed by the table to match the structure of the equations.

4. CCSS Alignment

The student is approaching proficiency in HSF-LE.A.1c. The student recognizes the number 1.15 as a factor, and can create a table from a percent change, but initially struggled to create the corresponding equation. The equation was revised to the correct form.


Standard referenced:

HSF-LE.A.1c: Recognize situations in which a quantity grows or decays by a constant percent rate per unit interval relative to another.