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The student has shown progress in creating linear and exponential equations when compared to task 4.1.

1. CCSS Alignment

The student is approaching proficiency in HSF-LE.A.2. There is evidence that the student is able to create a recursive linear equation from a context. The student is struggling with the explicit linear equation, since the student exchanges the rate of growth parameter with the initial value. The student has no evidence of the exponential recursive equation but does have the explicit exponential equation.


Standard referenced:

HSF-LE.A.2: Construct linear and exponential functions, including arithmetic and geometric sequences, given a graph, a description of a relationship, or two input-output pairs (include reading these from a table).  

2. Understanding

This task is the fifth in the unit and students have encountered percent growth factors before (i.e. Task 4.1). The student is still grappling with this idea. It is unclear what led to the change in the explicit exponential equation.

3. Understanding

The language “going up by the same number” is not precise enough to distinguish between linear and exponential.

4. CCSS Alignment

There is no evidence for standard HSF-LE.A.3 in the work since the student didn’t discuss why Computafest’s plan is better.


Standard referenced:

HSF-LE.A.3: Observe using graphs and tables that a quantity increasing exponentially eventually exceeds a quantity increasing linearly, quadratically, or (more generally) as a polynomial function.