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Preparing All Students For Tomorrow. Today.

This seven-and-a-half-minute video examines key aspects of American public education reform, including Common Core State Standards and common assessment. More information is at

About Competency-Based Pathways

Picture of a graduate holding a diploma.
Achieve’s Role in Supporting States on Competency-Based Pathways Many state leaders increasingly see competency-based pathways (CBP) as a valuable approach to ensuring all students have the time and support they need to reach college- and career-...

New Business Center

Business-related resources are now located at

More Common Core Facts

Last week, the clips included the two fact checks on anti-Common Core claims being made during Florida's Common Core hearings in the state. This edition includes two more often repeated criticisms. Yet again, the critics do not have the facts...

EQuIP Peer Review Panel Seeking Members

We are very excited to announce the selection of a new round of EQuIP Peer Review Panel members. Below is a link to the online application portal. Please forward this email to any candidate you think would be qualified and interested. equip.achieve...

Military Families and Common Core

Children of military families must move from school system to school system, often in states and districts not aligned to their previous instruction. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) provide an opportunity for consistent and high quality...