Achieve Webinar: Integrating EQuIP Into Your State's Common Core State Standards Implementation Strategy

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Achieve hosted a webinar on integrating EQuIP into Common Core State Standards implementation plans.  Alissa Peltzman, Vice President, State Policy and Implementation Support, Achieve and Sasheen Phillips, Achieve’s new Director of EQuIP and OER, provided an overview of the available tools and resources developed through Achieve’s EQuIP (Educators Evaluating the Quality of Instructional Products) initiative, designed to identify high-quality materials aligned to the CCSS.  We then heard directly from leaders at the state and district level who have put the EQuIP resources into use to support their efforts to identify quality and aligned instructional materials to advance implementation of the CCSS, including Merri Ann Drake, Idaho Core Coach, Idaho State Department of Education; Elissa Farmer, Curriculum Specialist, Seattle Public Schools; Terri King-Hunt, Gifted Support Specialist, Atlanta Public Schools; Linda Schoenbrodt, Elementary Mathematics Program Specialist, Maryland Department of Education; and Amy Youngblood, Founder, Eduoptimus.  Please see below for resources shared during the webinar. Recorded April 29, 2014.