Achieve Webinar: Leveraging Back-to-School to Inform Parents about College- and Career-Ready Standards

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As schools transition to higher, more rigorous standards, it is critical that parents are informed about what the transition means for their children, how tests (and homework) may look different, and what resources are available to help them be able to play an informed and supportive role in their students’ learning. On this webinar, leaders at the state and district levels shared concrete steps they took to leverage back-to-school to inform parents about the transition to College- and Career-Ready Standards. To ground the conversation in what parents are really saying about the standards and assessments, Michael Gilligan, Achieve’s Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, and Alex Bratty, a Partner with Public Opinion Strategies, a corporate and public affairs survey research firm, shared the latest research on what parents want to know about the transition to higher, more rigorous standards. Erin Hart and Christie Silverstein with Expect More Arizona’s Arizona Aims Higher Coalition then shared how this research propelled them to pivot from telling parents why the standards are important to informing parents about what is happening in classrooms and what they can do to help their students succeed. Throughout, speakers from the state- and district-levels shared best practices on how to engage parents and disseminate information and tangible resources that can be modified to share with parents. Recorded September 18, 2014.