ADP Network Webinar: The Future Ready Project

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After collecting feedback on and reactions to Achieve's advocacy resource center over the past year, The Future Ready Project, Achieve presented the new and improved Future Ready Project 2.0 website. With a sleeker design and more easily navigable pages the website provides research-based  communications and advocacy materials to support the sustainability of the college- and career-ready agenda and its related policies, including the Common Core State Standards, college- and career-ready assessments, rigorous graduation requirements and advances to state accountability systems.  On this webinar,  we walked through new features and resources available on the website, which represent all of Achieve's communications, outreach and advocacy resources.  We heard directly from Erin Hart with Expect More Arizona on how she and her colleagues have made great use of the site before and after the re-launch, how the website can and should be used by states in their communications and outreach efforts, and what our plans are moving forward to engage advocates through the site and related social media. Recorded March 26, 2013.

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