ADP Network Webinar: Feedback Loops for CCSS Implementation

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How will states know how implementation of Common Core State Standards is playing out in classrooms? Are key messages being heard? What instructional shifts are happening, and what is the impact on student learning? How can states identify roadblocks early and craft targeted interventions?  Achieve, Education First and EDI have released a Common Core Survey Tool, along with supporting materials, to help state and district leaders track the quality of implementation of the new standards. Achieve, EDI and Education First provided this presentation via webinar on June 25, 2012 to members of the American Diploma Project Network. It covers the purpose, content and potential uses of the tool. The guidance document explains the context of the tool, methods for customization and use, and suggestions for how to use the data to make mid-course corrections. The survey item bank includes survey questions tailored to teachers and school leaders. State leaders can use the item bank as a base for creating customized surveys. 

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