ADP Algebra II End-Of-Course Exam 2008 Annual Report

Monday, August 25, 2008Printer-friendly version

In the spring of 2008, nearly ninety thousand students across twelve of the fourteen states in the partnership took the ADP Algebra II end-of-course exam for the first time. This report, released as the scores from the first administration are reported to students, their teachers and their parents, provides an overview of the test as well as exam results from each of the participating states. Most states offered the test on a pilot basis this year, giving many educators a first look at the expectations of a rigorous Algebra II course assessment. States are in the process of developing policies for the use of the test and how it will fit into their still-evolving high school assessment and accountability systems. And while most of the states in the partnership require, or plan to require, students to take Algebra II in order to graduate, these new requirements are being phased in over time and do not apply to most of the students who took the exam. Consequently, participation rates in Algebra II courses and in the ADP end-of-course exam vary from state to state. Therefore, comparisons of state results are neither meaningful nor appropriate.