Guidance to States on Incorporating CCR Indicators into Report Cards

Friday, June 1, 2012Printer-friendly version

Reporting clear, actionable data to parents and the public is one of the most powerful strategies in a state’s toolbox for meeting college and career readiness (CCR) student performance goals. A state’s report card on districts and schools, in particular, has the visibility and accessibility to reach many people with interest in and influence on student outcomes. Given the high value that students, parents, and the public place on readiness and success in postsecondary education and careers, states should strongly consider incorporating CCR indicators into their report cards on districts and schools. Effectively communicating these indicators to these groups can lead to far stronger focus on improving readiness for all students. 

To support ADP Network states interested in incorporating meaningful CCR indicators into their report cards, Achieve has developed a set of attributes that can be a starting point for designing a high impact report card with CCR indicators. In addition, Achieve has identified strong state examples from current report cards. Finally, to give states a visual prototype, Achieve has developed a sample CCR section of a state report card on a high school.