Guidance to States on Reporting Assessment Results to Families and Educators

Sunday, March 1, 2015Printer-friendly version

Through the process of developing and testing sample reports, we have identified several important principles for states to consider for the content and design of their own assessment reports. The PDF  below provides guidance to states based on these findings.Several key findings emerged through the process of gaining feedback from parents, teachers and school leaders on the sample student assessment reports:

  • The language and tone of the reports should be friendly, positive and personalized.
  • The displayed results best engage readers if the report is simple, avoids information clutter and provides context to graphics.
  • Text and font treatments can prevent readers from skipping important content.
  • It is critical to provide support before, or along with, the report to guide readers through unfamiliar data or information.
  • Accessibility to the report can be improved through more strategic timing and distribution via online platforms.