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1. Comprehension & Application

SMP.6: Attend to precision.


In part b, the student writes an equal addend equation with an incorrect sum, indicating a lack of precision in calculating. The student wrote the incorrect total in both the equation and the verbal expression, which demonstrates that the student knows the total should be the same for both representations. It is unclear how the student came up with a total of 12, but the student does demonstrate an understanding of the idea of repeated addition in this and the other parts.

1. Comprehension & Application

SMP.1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.


The student accurately represented the equations and verbal expressions using tape diagrams as visual models. It is also worth noting that for 2a and 2b, the student’s tape diagrams represent the relative size of the numbers (the totals are the same size, and the relative sizes of the bars indicate that). This kind of attention to the magnitude of numbers is uncommon for a 2nd grader and may indicate that the student knew the total before starting to create the diagram.