Effective Teachers in Every Classroom

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As state leaders work to close achievement gaps and raise achievement for all students, states across the country are closely examining existing policy and practice for identifying, cultivating and deploying highly effective teachers capable of teaching rigorous content to all students. This challenge goes beyond current debates about teacher evaluation policies and demands that education leaders evaluate current approaches across an array of policies and practices. Several national leaders will join us for a lively and interactive discussion that reflects on state progress, identifies opportunity for further momentum, and acknowledges where obstacles exist. Thomas Kane, Deputy Director, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Paul Pastorek, Former Commissioner, Louisiana Department of Education Dennis Van Roekel, President, National Education Association Rob Weil, Deputy Director, Field Programs and Education Issues, American Federation of Teachers Moderator: Nick Anderson, Education Editor, The Washington Post This plenary session was part of the annual American Diploma Project (ADP) Network Leadership Team Meeting which took place September 7-8, 2011 in Alexandria, Virginia. The goal of the annual meeting was to give states a significant opportunity to address key challenges and opportunities associated with advancing and sustaining the college- and career-ready policy agenda. More...http://www.achieve.org/adp-network-2011-leadership-team-meeting