New Sample Student Reports

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New Sample Student Reports Will Help States Communicate Assessment Results to Families and Educators 

Washington, D.C. – March 3, 2015 – Achieve today released a set of sample student assessment reports intended to help states, districts, and schools better communicate student assessment results to teachers, school leaders, and families.

"Parents, students, and educators deserve test reports that give clear information on student results," said Sandy Boyd, Chief Operating Officer at Achieve. "Our goal with this project is to show states and districts how they can report assessment results so that teachers and families know how students, classes, schools, and districts are performing in a clear and straightforward manner.  Most importantly, for parents and students, student reports should not only identify how a student is doing and areas of strength and challenge, but they should be useable as a conversation starter between parents, students, and teachers about how best to support student success."

To reach this goal, Achieve partnered with Tembo, Inc. to produce sample family reports that have been shaped by feedback from parents as well as sample reports for educators that have been shaped by feedback from teachers and school leaders. Sample Student Performance Chart

These reports are intended go well beyond typical assessment score reports for three reasons:

  1. The reports are focused on the critical questions that families, teachers, and school leaders ask about the results to inform their efforts to improve student learning.
  2. The reports are based on data visualizations that will raise the bar for data presentation in the education field.
  3. The reports are intended to have an impact at scale, informing efforts across states to transform reporting to families and educators.

In addition, Achieve has produced sample communications materials for use by states and school districts in communicating with families, along with a set of guidance and recommendations for states. Achieve encourages states to edit and modify all of these materials to meet state and local needs.

Sample Student Comparison Chart

The reports are intended to serve as examples for states to use and modify in the development of their own reporting systems. They are intended to demonstrate key elements of effective reporting, and the details of states’ reports will depend on the design and capacity of their chosen assessments.

All of the sample reports and supplementary materials are available here.


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