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Convene States and Leaders

State leaders convene at an Achieve meeting.

Central to Achieve’s work is our ability to convene leaders from across states to come together to share their experiences and tackle common challenges. Importantly, through our networks Achieve convenes not just a cross-section of leaders across states, but also a cross-section of leaders within states, including state K-12 and higher education leadership; policymakers from governors’ offices, legislatures and state boards of education; district leaders; and third-party advocates from business- and community-based organizations. Our expertise in convening state leaders is best evidenced through our work managing the American Diploma Project Network, the PARCC consortium, and the Next Generation Science Standards development effort.

Provide Technical Assistance to States

We provide technical assistance to states on the design, development, adoption, implementation, and communications of their college- and career-ready standards, assessments, curriculum, and accountability systems.

Conduct Research and Development 

Achieve regularly conducts R&D to help advance the work of states as well as the education reform community at large. Our research includes studies of high school graduation requirements, implementation strategies for the Common Core State Standards, state accountability models, and analyses of expectations from countries around the world. Our work doesn’t stop with the publication of reports; we also develop tools that help states change policies and practices, such as rubrics and audits.

Offer Advocacy, Communications, and Outreach Tools and Support

Achieve has developed a range of advocacy resources that aim to address common concerns with college and career readiness. These help advocates develop, launch, and refine their own college- and career-ready communications and outreach plans, critical for sustaining the agenda.

For more information, see About Achieve.