Common Core in Michigan

Tuesday, October 9, 2012Printer-friendly version

David Musselwhite, the Team Leader of Michigan PTA's Common Core State Standards Initiative and a former high school math teacher in Detroit Public Schools, writes in an op-ed that, "Parents realize the benefits of Common Core as well – that’s why the National PTA and Michigan PTA have fully endorsed these new standards." He also notes, "Using Common Core as a blueprint, teachers can develop lesson plans, materials, and assessments that can be shared widely. This keeps teachers from constantly reinventing the wheel and allows the best methods and tools to rise to the top." Musselwhite  writes,"Educators are finding opportunities to work together at all levels. The Tri-State Collaborative, a forum of educational leaders from New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, has created rubrics for evaluating the quality of Common Core-aligned lesson plans and units. Educators working together to improve outcomes – it isn’t 'corporate education reform,' it’s common sense." """ Read the Bridge op-ed.