New Video Resources for Parents

Thursday, April 9, 2015Printer-friendly version

For implementation of the Common Core State Standards to succeed, parent support is key. At the same time, the shift to higher standards is a big change that can be difficult to fully understand. In order to help parents feel prepared and equipped to support their child’s learning under the new standards, CCSS advocates have developed several helpful video resources. These great resources will help ease the transition for parents so that they can both understand and support student learning beyond the classroom.

Common Core math, explained in 3 minutes

By Libby Nelson and Joss Fong, Vox

April 9, 2015

Vox takes a look at why Common Core math may look different from the way that parents remember learning – and why the emphasis on “understanding of how numbers can be broken down into units of smaller numbers” can ultimately help students.

Be A Learning Hero

In addition to video testimonials from Teachers of the Year, this site offers parents “help with math homework, tips on reading, answers about the new state tests being implemented in most states, what your child should know grade by grade, and much more, from trusted partners who have been working with parents and students for decades.”


Additional Resources