ADP Network Webinar: State Support for Open Educational Resources - Findings from Achieve’s OER Institute

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This ADP Network webinar slide deck highlights information from Achieve’s policy brief, State Support for Open Educational Resources: Findings from Achieve’s OER Institute, and provided an opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from two states involved in this effort on progress, challenges and next steps in their efforts to utilize quality OER to advance the college- and career-ready agenda.  Since 2012, seven states in Achieve’s ADP Network—California, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Washington, and Wisconsin—have agreed to work together in the OER Institute to discuss the challenges and policy implications of using OER to implement the Common Core State Standards or college- and career- ready standards. Hans Voss, Policy Associate at Achieve, highlighted key points from the brief, including background on Achieve’s OER work, the objectives and activities of the OER Institute, opportunities for cross-state collaboration in this work and key findings from the OER Institute. Beth Aune and Deborah Proctor from the Minnesota Department of Education shared their goals, challenges and progress in this work, including lessons learned from working with OER-focused coalitions in the state and the development of the Minnesota Digital Curriculum Referral catalog.  Karl Nelson and Barbara Soots at the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction presented their efforts to evaluate OER materials and launch a grant program to support local educators in developing, adapting and implementing OER in the classroom. September 17, 2013.