States’ Grades 3–8 ELA and Math Assessments

Friday, June 5, 2015Printer-friendly version

As part of the Achieve 2014 50-state survey, Achieve asked states which ELA/literacy and math assessments they will administer to all students in grades 3-8 in 2014–15, whether those same assessments will be used to evaluate schools and districts and whether and when these assessment data will be included as part of a teacher’s evaluation. Download in PDF format hereA few considerations to keep in mind when reviewing the table:

  • Unless otherwise noted, the ELA and math assessments are administered annually in grades 3-8.
  • Regarding teacher evaluation, this table reflects the first year that student assessment data will be incorporated into teacher evaluations, not necessarily the school year that a teacher will receive an evaluation. Some states will use 2014–15 data as a baseline year to measure student growth. Other states will use 2014–15 assessment results as the first of multiple years of data that will be rolled into a teacher’s evaluation. The nuances and variations across states make it nearly impossible to compare policies without oversimplifying the information.

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