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The student needed prompting to use writing in the student’s play. The student was the server at a restaurant taking an order. The teacher asked, “How will you remember all of the food I want to order?” The student replied by saying, “I could write it down!” and grabbed list paper.

1. CCSS Alignment

The student meets proficiency for L.K.1a since the student forms letters correctly in writing.


Standard referenced:

L.K.1a: Print many upper- and lowercase letters.

The student does not demonstrate proficiency in L.K.2d since the student can immediately reread the student’s writing, but does not remember what writing said when asked again (at another time).


Standard referenced:

L.K.2d: Spell simple words phonetically, drawing on knowledge of sound-letter relationships.

2. Language Challenges

The student is not hearing the ending syllable in words; this is demonstrated by the student not including the letter that represents the ending sound. Again this is typical of an ELL’s beginning writing development.