Developing and Discovering Quality Curriculum in a Google World

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On Monday, June 13, 2016, a panel discussion was held at the National Press Club that served as a deeper dive into findings from RAND Corporation’s American Teacher Panel study on K–12 standards implementation and instructional materials as well as perspectives from education leaders.

This is a recording of the discussion, which covered how states and districts are selecting curriculum, and ways to support teachers in their critical instructional materials needs. Panelists included John White, State Superintendent of Louisiana, Julia H. Kaufman, one of the RAND study’s authors, and Ashley Bessicks, teacher at Phelps High School, District of Columbia Public Schools.

Although many states are several years into the implementation of more rigorous academic standards (including the Common Core State Standards), educators continue to cite a strong need for quality instructional materials. Quality, standards-aligned instructional materials are critical to the successful implementation of college- and career-ready standards. The RAND Corporation’s recent report showed that while a high percentage of teachers believe they are using materials aligned to the Common Core, many of these materials are obtained through sources such as Google and Pinterest – leaving open the questions of quality and alignment.

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