Achieve OER Rubrics Training Materials

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OER Handbook Cover

Below is a set of materials developed to help educators use and learn more about the Achieve Open Educational Resource (OER) Rubrics and OER Evaluation Tool. This includes a handbook, videos and set of presentation slides that give instructions on how to apply the rubrics and use the online tool, as well as examples of what different ratings mean under each rubric. The information included in in the handbook, videos and slides is meant to mirror one another, with specific examples included in the handbook and slides. Multiple ways to read and share this information gives educators the opportunity to use the resource(s) that are most useful for them.

Achieve Open Educational Resources Evaluation Tool Handbook

Click the links below to view videos and download presentation slides that explain how to apply the rubrics and use the OER Evaluation tool.

An Introduction to the Achieve OER Rubrics | VideoSlides

Rubric I: Alignment to Standards | VideoSlides

Rubric II: Quality of Explanation of the Subject Matter | VideoSlides

Rubric III: Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching | VideoSlides

Rubric IV: Quality of Assessment | VideoSlides

Rubric V: Quality of Technological Interactivity | VideoSlides

Rubric VI: Quality of Instructional Tasks and Practice Exercises | VideoSlides

Rubric VII: Opportunities for Deeper Learning | VideoSlides

Using the Achieve OER Evaluation Tool on OER Commons | VideoSlides

Virtual Tour of the OER Rubrics and Evaluation Tool