About Sample Student Assessment Reports

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Achieve has developed sample student assessment reports to enhance understanding about how to more effectively communicate assessment results to teachers, school leaders and families.

Picture from a student using a laptop.Families and educators need access to more helpful information to understand student progress toward and beyond college and career readiness. Our specific intent is to inform states that are developing and implementing new, innovative college- and career-ready assessments.  

To reach this goal, Achieve has produced sample family reports that have been shaped by feedback from parents, and sample reports for educators that have been shaped by feedback from teachers and school leaders. 

These reports are intended go well beyond typical assessment score reports for three reasons:

    1) The reports are focused on the critical questions that families, teachers and school leaders ask about the results to inform their efforts to improve student learning

    2) The reports are based on data visualizations that will raise the bar for data presentation in the education field.

    3) The reports are intended to have an impact at scale, informing efforts across states to transform reporting to families and educators.

In addition, Achieve has produced sample communications materials for use by states and school districts in communicating with families along with a set of guidance and recommendations for states.  We encourage you to edit and modify these for state and local needs.

These sample student assessment reports and materials have been developed by Achieve in partnership with Tembo, Inc. In addition, Achieve thanks parents and educators from the Hope Street Group Fellows and the Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership in Kentucky, TeachPlus DC, and E.L. Haynes Public Charter School in Washington, DC, for sharing their time and insights to help us better understand what makes for effective student-level reporting.

Explore the links below to view the sample reports and learn more about the project.